Personal Study Material

Apologetics Press

For more than 30 years Apologetics Press has published and disseminated materials for self study, group study, or evangelistic purposes. Topics range from evidences supporting the Christian Faith to highly controversial areas that challenge that Faith.

Christian Courier

The Christian Courier began as a small Bible study journal mailed to readers each month. It is written for average Christians — to help them become more knowledgeable in God’s Word, to fortify their faith in the Savior, and to equip them for defending the truth and living righteously in a sinful world.

Gospel Broadcasting Network

Gospel Broadcasting Network is a non-profit organization that provides Bible-based and unbiased resources from the Word of God seven days a week, 365 days a year to teach and share with believers and potential believers. We offer free radio, live stream videos, Bible correspondence courses, audio podcasts and daily devotional resources to all viewers.

House to House and Heart to Heart

This site contains many articles and videos dealing with a wide variety of Bible matters. Topics include "Eternity," "The Family," "The Godhead," "The Church," and many more.

Sound Bible Studies

Free downloadable Bible study books, articles, poetry, one minute devotionals and more.

Truth for the World

We are a global evangelism work utilizing media ministries (TV, Radio, Publications, and Internet) and personal ministries (Bible Correspondence Courses and mission trips). We are overseen by the elders of the Bethel Springs Church of Christ in Bethel Springs, Tennessee.